Video Marketing

Euphoric Successful Executive Watching A TabletVideos have the power to move people to laughter, shock, excitement and even tears. Why is video such a powerful media for communication? Maybe it has something to do with the emotion that is evoked when you watch.

What happened the last time you watched a video online? Did you take action? You probably have at some point or another

Depending on your product, video may be used to inform, generate leads or entertain – while the most effective videos sometimes do all three at once!

Imagine 10,000 Eyes On You

What if 10,000 prospective clients watched your video? WOW.

Stop to soak that in. Ten. Thousand. People.

All of those people watching your message, and if you are able to move even a small portion of them to respond to your message or engage with your site, then you are really onto something that you can scale.

It would take you years to have personal conversations with 10,000 people – yet with a video, you can do the same thing in mere minutes.

Why Video Marketing

video marketing-300Possibly the most important reason to start with video marketing is to get ahead of the competition.

If your competitors are already using videos, well then you better be as well. If they aren’t using video marketing yet and you start first, you win!

Here are a few fun facts:

Video can increase email open rates by nearly 6%.
Click-through rates can increase by 96%.
And 81% of senior marketing executives use online video and video advertising as a part of their marketing mix.

Why get left in the dust? Your audience should be seeing your video, not one of your competitors! If you want to be remembered, video is where it’s at.

How can our Video Marketing Services help you?

Here are just a few ways you can use video:

  • On your website to make people stay on your site longer. Think of it as your welcome message.
  • On landing pages to increase conversions.
  • In SEO campaigns – did you know you can rank videos in the search engines?
  • For ads on YouTube, Facebook and more.
  • On YouTube to offer value to your audience and help you build your brand.
  • To train people on how to use your product or showcase your service.
  • Showcase new products, talk about an event, launch a book, etc.
  • In an email – for tips or info.
  • Local video marketing.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Internally to train your staff on processes you teach over and over again.
  • Externally to train vendors and distributors.
  • In an e-course.

Online Video Marketing 

technology, internet and video concept - laptop computer with viNearly everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but do you know the second one? Here’s a hint: it’s not Yahoo! or Bing.
It’s YouTube.

Yes, the video site with all the cute cat videos and funny #fails is the second-largest search engine in the U.S., and if your content isn’t there, then you are missing the boat.

Another tidbit to know is that Google owns YouTube . . . which just makes things that much more entangled. Since they’re essentially the same company, it only stands to reason that companies with a robust YouTube presence will get a bump on their Google search results.

Check out our video portfolio and start thinking about your online video marketing campaign.


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