Is it Better to put Videos on Facebook or YouTube?

When you’re first getting started with web video production, it can already be a little daunting just getting your videos made. Then there’s the whole extra strategy of marketing your videos. There are so many sites that you can actually upload your videos to but the biggest are definitely Facebook and YouTube.   Facebook and YouTube both have their own unique features for video sharing. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. While you can [...]

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Video Production Terms for those in Front of the Camera [Infographic]

  Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds states that you should subdivide the imagery of your shot into three roughly equal parts on the horizontal and vertical planes. Lower Thirds Lower thirds is an overlay that is usually text, accompanied by graphics that occupies the lower third of the screen. Lower thirds are most commonly used to introduce the individual on camera. Explainer Video A short, animated video that explains a product or service in [...]

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How to Get Videos Ranked in Google

It would be awesome to get your videos ranked at the top of Google search, right? Many brands use SEO in hopes of capturing this organic search traffic. However, most of this SEO work focuses on websites and blogs, not videos. That means there is a huge opportunity to capture search engine traffic with your video content. Since people aren’t paying attention to this part of SEO, there is a lot less competition for it. [...]

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7 Video Marketing Terms You Need to Know [Infographic]

If you’re just getting started with video marketing, here are some terms you want to be sure you understand. Key Performance Indicator / KPI Your KPI is your most important statistic that you are tracking. An example of a good KPI is to track how many new subscribers you get with each video. Call to Action The Call to Action, or CTA, is where you ask the viewer to do something for you. Using clear [...]

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Why Closed Captions are Important for Your Videos

Video marketing has become one of the top forms internet marketing. More people watch online video now that regular TV. No to mention we know people would rather watch a video than read a two-thousand word blog post. I hear ya there. The thing is, as strange as it sounds, some people want to “read” the video while they watch it. Here’s the thing. If you’re videos are just compiled of images that tell a [...]

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Facebook’s New Mobile Video Feed: Marketing Tips & Tricks

Facebook’s new mobile video feed is a game changer! Your videos can reach a larger audience than ever thanks to this new feature. Users of the new feed can quickly scroll through a lot of video content. They can watch one video while browsing for another. This will drive higher viewership numbers across the Facebook ecosystem. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the new Facebook video features? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s [...]

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Top 10 Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid [Infographic]

Review this list before you get started to create the best videos. Copyright Using assets you don’t have the proper licensing rights for will get your videos banned. Audio If you sound like a scripted robot, viewers will tune out. Microphone Use an external mic, when filming with a camera or your phone, for best sound quality. Teleprompter Position this is a way so it doesn’t look like you are reading to give you more [...]

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5 Powerful Video Keyword Research Strategies

Do you want to know what the very first step is before you get started with video? I thought you might. It’s research. More specifically, keyword research. Now if you’ve already made a video, or two, or three, or well whatever that number is, be honest with me here. How much time did you spend researching the questions and phrases your customers are actually searching for? It’s ok. I kind of know that answer. It’s [...]

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Simple 5-Step Video Process to Make Every Video a Success [Infographic]

A lot of people are afraid to get started with video. They aren’t sure where to start or think it’s too complicated. Use this simple process as your guide for your videos. Define the Goal of Your Video • Website Welcome/Explainer • Brand building (How-to’s, tips, secrets, etc.) • Ads Choose the Style of Your Video • Live filming • Animation • Typography • Slideshow Write Your Script • Hook • Story • Call to [...]

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Short Term vs. Long Term Video Goals: What’s Right for You?

Many brands do not have clear goals. That’s a big mistake. Setting goals is the first step towards an effective video strategy. Review this info and set yourself up for success instead of failure. Video marketing has transformed the way businesses talk to their fans. It’s amazingly affordable to create and share great video content. Should you try to make funny social media engagement videos? Or perhaps you could help people with how-to guides. You [...]

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