Video marketing has grown up. Once a wild-west frontier of the internet, it has joined email lists and Facebook ads in becoming a standard marketing practice for most brands.

What’s great about video marketing is that the most successful brands can’t hide their strategies.

After all, the videos are public. You may not be able to use Coca Cola’s famous secret recipe, but you can copy their video marketing plan.

In the end, there are three key video strategies to steal from the big brands. Let’s dive in.

1. Post at the Same Time Every Week


The golden rule of video marketing is consistency.

Most big brands post videos on a near-daily basis.

What’s more is they follow a strict schedule so that their videos come out at the same times each week.

A big brand may post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at exactly 11am.

What they won’t do is post two or three videos at seemingly random times, which is what many less experienced brands end up doing.

The reason consistency matters so much is that the internet is becoming another form of TV.

People follow steady internet routines, checking for new videos at about the same time each day.

For the typical working adult, this often manifests as a morning and evening video-watching session.

If you really want to optimize this aspect of video marketing, you can go beyond consistent scheduling and actually create a video tips series.

At the very least, pick one or two “release dates” for each week, at the exact same time of day, and stick to it.


2. Collaborate With Influential Brands


Collaborations are how big brands drive huge growth.

When two brands collaborate on a video, each is exposed to the other’s fanbase.

This works well for global companies, and it can work wonders for smaller brands too.

You can view any other non-competitive brand as an ally in your video marketing quest.

A good place to start is to look for local artists to collaborate with. Of course, you should be cognizant of your audience’s taste.

Don’t sell diapers with death metal.

If you repeatedly collaborate with other relevant brands, it will drive significant traffic to your video channels.



3. Give Your Brand a Face


If people love your spokesperson, they’ll love your brand too.

How do you find the right person?

The biggest brands pay millions of dollars to hire celebrities, which probably isn’t an option for you.

Luckily, fame has little to do with being a good brand representative.

All you need is somebody who’s comfortable being filmed and speaks clearly.

The film part is actually optional, since your spokesperson can stick to narration if that is easier.

If you are a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, you can be your own spokesperson.

Small businesses usually assign this job to their social media manager.

Whoever takes on this role should plan to stick around for a while.

You can’t change your brand’s “face” very often.

An ironic twist is that bigger companies often assign this role to a high-ranking staffer, or even the CEO, since they’ll be most likely to stay with the company for many years.

Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive is one example of this paradigm.

What You Can Do

These big brand strategies are adaptable to your personal situation.

•A solo entrepreneur can hustle to produce one good video per week, collaborate with local artists, and act as their own spokesperson.
•Huge companies can produce daily content with regular celebrity appearances.

Both of these strategies are great, as long as the context is correct.

Be true to yourself. Following these strategies in a slow-and-steady manner is the way to win.

Going crazy for a month and then burning out, on the other hand, is no good.

If you want to create video series that will get people talking about your brand, schedule a strategy session with us.