There used to be a time when word-of-mouth referrals were the bread and butter of the daycare industry.

Back then, marketing ideas for daycares usually only included professionally printed business cards, flyers and perhaps some personalized pens to hand out.

Yet with so many childcare providers getting licensed and setting up their businesses nearby, standing out is becoming more difficult.

Social media is a great solution for a daycare of any size that is worried about enrollment numbers.

  1. Tweet the cutest sayings. We have all heard it said that kids say the darndest things. Without making the commenter identifiable, post some of the cutest things the kids say during the day to your Twitter feed. This human touch is invaluable for parents who miss their little ones. It also shows that you listen intently to the children, which is what prospective clients want to see in a daycare provider.
  2. Pin photos of artwork. Parents want to know that the children do more than just color pictures. They want to see crafts, play dough and glued-on sticks, shells and macaroni. Use Pinterest for the nicest crafts.
  3. Keep the conversation going on Facebook. Make Facebook your hub for craft instructions, announcements of special outings and of course contests. Parents love to see that you are active online and that the daycare is a “happening” place where there are lots of activities.
  4. Hashtags are your friends. Social media experts agree that the correct use of hashtags can bring those in search of daycares or specific daycare services to you. Six Degrees Digital Mediarefers to this as the definitive way to “stay in front of them.”
  5. Interact in the social media community. There are plenty of local neighborhood groups for your city and its surrounding areas. Some are swap-meets while others are more focused on neighborhood events. Get active in your virtual and real life neighborhoods. When you become visible as a business that is engaged in the community, your name recognition increases significantly. Would-be clients are more comfortable sending their children to a daycare provider with whom they have interacted previously in a positive manner.

There is little doubt that social media marketing ideas for daycares can help increase your enrollments and generate so much interest that you may have to begin forming a waiting list.