Web Design

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages (Dark Ages = Mid 1990’s) websites were simple – barely more than a business card on the Internet.

Consider the website bar officially raised.

Today, your website must:

  • Tell your story in a captivating way that will make visitors take action
  • Pop your website to the top of search results in all major search engines
  • Look amazing and be intuitive to use on any device
  • Bring in leads, and walk them through your sales process

web design

Six Degrees Digital Media creates a positive user experience on your website by learning about your customers – understanding concerns, information needs and how to blast through any process roadblocks.

One agency tells you that you need to SEO-optimize, drive to social, and become a content marketing genius. Other marketing agencies talk down their nose to you, as they explain why you desperately need parallax design (whatever the heck that is) in order to be relevant to Millennials.

The double-speak you get from some digital media agencies can have you wanting to crawl back to 1990, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Six Degrees Digital Media is different.

We know what all that “other stuff” means, but we are not going to waste your time trying to sound like whiz kids and intimidate you.

Instead, we deliver a website with the features you need:

  • An intuitive and friendly interface that is easy to keep updated
  • Outstanding video that captures attention and tells your story
  • Content presented in a way that makes visitors take action
  • Lead capture forms that really convert
  • A website that looks amazing whether you’re on a desktop, a tablet, or smart-phone

website development

You have options: we can create your website and pass it off to you for upkeep, or we can provide ongoing support and optimization.

Your Traffic is Coming from Mobile Devices

We can help you implement a user-friendly, mobile-first website that converts. Imagine a social media post that leads to a landing page that contains a single call to action with a big, shiny button that people will be compelled to click. Once a customer clicks, you can start magically turning those leads into customers!

Landing Pages that Convert

Landing pages are a critical part of every lead generation campaign: whether from an email, Facebook ad, website ad or something else. Your landing page should be an extension of your email campaign or advertisement; a way to connect with your visitor and make them take action. It all starts with you taking action and getting started.

Let’s Do This

For a marketing strategy that works across your entire organization – from social to web and beyond, it all starts with an amazing website.

Contact us today to schedule your web design consultation
and put your website to work for you, not against you.

Here are examples of websites we have developed for our happy clients.