E-Course Development

Why consider an e-course

Life moves fast, and it seems to move faster all the time.

For educational institutions

When offering educational courses, giving your students options to train online will be a huge benefit. If you are losing students to schools that do offer your programs online, you need to move to a digital format in order to capture those enrollments.

For business

With business training, delivering your course digitally can save time and money. Nearly 80% of U.S. companies offer training and development online in some way to their employees. Just think no more travel expenses to send your employees for training or waiting for a trainer to come to you when they are available.

elearning courses

It’s also important to note that e-learning is not a trend that is going to go away in a year or so. There are no signs of a slowdown; conversely, corporations and individuals are turning to e-learning in record numbers due to the convenience and effectiveness of this method of learning.

Back in the day, creating an e-Course for your organization meant a great deal of time, money and custom development. Standards were few and far between, and making them play nicely with each other was even more challenging. You might be able to deliver your learning on a CD-ROM or DVD, but the interactivity with your learner was strictly limited.

Fast-forward to today.

Why Six Degrees for your e-Course Development?

Whether you want to create a short e-Course or something significantly longer, Six Degrees can help get you there quickly and cost-effectively. What’s even better is that the course we create for you will work well with any current LMS (Learning Management System) that you have in place. Six Degrees can build a SCORM compliant course based on your school or organization’s needs.
ecourse development

Now, more than ever, individuals and organizations are turning to e-learning to achieve their professional and personal goals, and the immense benefit and potential for profit from these courses is very real.

Let Six Degrees help you bring your e-learning course to life, so your employees, students or customers will be excited to learn. We can help you craft your ideas into a course that will be memorable.


Just getting started, or don’t have a Learning Management System already in place? Six Degrees will help you define your needs and come alongside you during the decision process to find just the right platform for your content.

While e-learning and mobile learning are alive and well, it’s important to note that broadband Internet is not available in all areas of the country, so we offer e-Course development delivery via CD as well as HTML 5 and SCORM compliant. Six Degrees builds courses with Adobe’s Captivate 9.

Whether your e-learning needs are simple or complex, we’re here to help.
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