What are After Effects Templates?

Have you ever seen a really cool video with all sorts of effects and wondered how they made that. Well, it could have been made with an After Effects template.

If you want an amazing looking video but don’t have the budget for a custom designed motion graphics video, consider a pre-designed After Effects template.

With After Effects you can do so many things.

  • You can create logo intros.
  • You can purchase templates that have various customization levels and have an editor create a video for you.
  • You can have your own template created that offers a theme that you can use over and over for your own videos.
  • You can purchase a Tool Kit that allows for all sorts of possibilities.
  • And more.

One of the benefits of purchasing a template is a lot of the work is already done for the editor. This cuts down on production time which saves money in creating your video.

Another benefit (which can sometimes be a drawback) is that you have a specific amount of frames, text and placeholders for images or footage.

Let me share with you some examples of After Effects templates and let you envision how you could use them.

Let’s say you have a book or eBook you want to promote. Here’s an example of a template to help you announce your book launch.

Or perhaps you have a product or service you want to promote, here are some examples that can help you do that.

Want to showcase your portfolio?  Or use a video on your About Us page or your Facebook page. Check out these templates.


Pre-purchased After Effects Templates

Basically there are more options than you’d probably be able to look at in the course of a day. One of our favorite sites, in fact where all the above templates came from is VideoHive.

If you are looking for an editor that can produce your pre-purchased After Effects Template, contact us and we can work with you to get your video produced as soon as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us your template, and we’ll let you know what text, images and footage placeholders are available.
  • You send us the text and images and/or footage  and music you wish to use.
  • Or we can assist with the content and asset curation.
  • Some templates will work well with voice over narration and others don’t. It all depends on the timing of the frames.
  • We’ll produce your video and send to you for review.

Custom After Effects Templates

If you want a  custom After Effects template for your business that you can use as a theme for a series of videos, we’re happy to oblige.

We know not everyone has the budget for a fancy video month after month. We can create a custom theme style template for you that once designed, can be used as a template for other videos for you.

This works well for clients who may have a limited budget but want to do monthly video for SEO or to build up their YouTube channel, or to have videos to post on social media.

Check out our Portfolio page and the section Custom After Effects Templates for a Series

If you have an idea for a project, contact us and we’ll help you figure out what type of video will work for your budget.